Alpine Skiing

Winter Games NZ will again be holding a FIS Continental Cup alpine programme. Coronet Peak near Queenstown and Cardrona Alpine Resort, just over the Crown Range on the road to Wanaka, are the venues for Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G disciplines for both categories.

Cross-Country Skiing


All cross-country skiing events at Winter Games NZ take place along the Nordic ski trails at Snow Farm NZ, near Wanaka. It is one of the most difficult endurance sports using every major muscle group and requiring exceptionally high aerobic fitness.



Winter Games NZ played a big part in securing freeskiing as an Olympic sport. The halfpipe competition takes place in a half-cylinder-shaped course dug deep into the hill. Using speed gained on the slope, skiers come up over the rim of the pipe and perform acrobatic aerial tricks – the bigger and more difficult the better! In slopestyle, competitors perform tricks while descending the course moving around, over, across or down obstacles of varying technical difficulty including boxes, rails, jumps and jibs. This year the freeskiers will also compete in big air. All the action takes place at Cardrona Alpine Resort.



Halfpipe, slopestyle and big air also make up the snowboard events at Winter Games NZ. The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea marked the first time that snowboard big air appeared on the Olympic programme giving the event the profile it deserves. In big air the competitors will send it over one massive kicker and throw down huge tricks landing right down by the base building, making for unbelievable spectator viewing. Hardened champions and young hopefuls alike will wow the crowds at Cardrona Alpine Resort this winter.



The ancient Scots game of curling dates back to when games were played on frozen lochs and marshes. At Winter Games NZ the curling will take place at the Southern Hemisphere’s premiere indoor curling centre in Naseby. The game is played on ice as two teams take turns pushing a 19.1kg stone towards a series of concentric circles called the ‘house’. The object is to get the stone as close to the centre of the circles as possible.



In 2018 The North Face Frontier will provide freeride ski and snowboard competitors more opportunity to stack up FWQ points by running both a 2* and a 4* event. With the excellent facilities and spectacular terrain of The Remarkables as the competition venue and as one of the first events of the FWQ season, The North Face Frontier hopes to attract top level competitors from all over the globe.

Ice Hockey


Winter Games are delighted to again have a three-test ice hockey series between New Zealand and Australia included in the 2018 programme. The Ice Blacks will host their Trans-Tasman rivals on 6th, 7th and 8th September at Queenstown Ice Arena.