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LATEST NEWS: Winter Games NZ Confirmed for 2022, committed to 2023, 2024 & 2025!

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for media accredited to the Winter Games NZ Application

• Only applications completed and submitted online within the media accreditation application deadlines will be taken into consideration.
• The final decision to grant accreditation rests with the Winter Games NZ.
• The personal data provided will not be used for any purpose other than the management of the accreditation process and in order to provide attending media with updated information about the Winter Games NZ and its competitions.
• Compliance with data protection shall be guaranteed.
• An extract with data collected from the application form may be forwarded electronically to authorities for a security check.
• Media being granted accreditation must attend the event as requested. Should they no longer wish to attend, they must notify the Winter Games NZ ([email protected]) within three days before the beginning of the event. Approved applicants who do not attend the tournament risk being denied accreditation at future the Winter Games NZ events.

Basic Rules
• The Winter Games NZ will do their upmost to accommodate attending media and offer them the best possible working conditions. A basic WIFI internet connection will be provided for all media. Requests will have to be made for any special additional services.
• Accredited media representatives must wear their accreditation badge at all times and maybe required to wear a media bib.
• Accredited media representatives must remain within the designated zones as explained by the venue media managers.
• Accredited media representatives must behave in an orderly manner – befitting of a media professional throughout the Event.
• Any abusive behaviour or inappropriate conduct will result in expulsion from all venues and could result in the denial of accreditation to future the Winter Games NZ events.
• Media representatives must respect all instructions given by the Winter Games NZ.

Travel and Accommodation
• Media are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
• Media not based in the New Zealand are responsible for their own visas.
• To the best of their ability, the Winter Games NZ and Tourism New Zealand will provide media with information about transport and accommodation.

Broadcasting Rights
• The video and audio broadcasting rights of the Winter Games NZ competitions as well as the live scoring and statistics belong to the Winter Games NZ. Any infringement will result in legal action being taken.
• All TV broadcasters interested in acquiring TV rights should contact the Media Manager [email protected]
• Radio broadcasters who do not have an agreement in place should contact the Media Manager [email protected] to clear the radio rights for the broadcast of the events.
• Accredited non-rights holding media will not be allowed to film any action inside the designated field of play during the competition, however maybe permitted at the discretion of the Media Manager in accordance with any territorial rights agreements.
• Broadcast capable vision may be obtained for news purposes and or post event features via the Winter Games NZ Media Manager, [email protected] but is only available at her discretion in accordance with any territorial rights agreements.
• Any digital/social recordings are covered under the same rulings as TV/Radio Broadcast and are to abide by the same clauses. Any failure to do so may be in violation with the terms of your accreditation.
• Accredited non-rights holding media shall not be permitted to make live commentary or broadcast from anywhere within the venue without prior permission from the Winter Games NZ Media Manager.
• Following the end of the competition, non-rights holding media may film and broadcast interviews conducted within the Mixed Zone as well as any pre-or- post event press conferences. Upon violation of any of the above conditions or upon non-compliance with instructions given on-site, the Winter Games NZ reserves the right to withdraw accreditation, with or without prior warning as well as deny accreditation to future the Winter Games NZ events.

• Photographers will have their assigned positions.
• In a situation of high demand events, the Winter Games NZ may limit the number of photographers for photo positions on an event by event basis.
• All photographers have to wear bibs to enter the photo positions in the venue.
• Photographers will have access to power and an internet connection.
• Photographers wishing to install remote cameras must e-mail the Winter Games NZ at [email protected] at least one week prior to the Games. Please note that the Winter Games NZ cannot guarantee the availability of remote camera positions.
• The accreditation of any person found to be accredited under false pretences will be invalidated immediately and could result in the denial of accreditation to future the Winter Games NZ events.
• Photos of the event will be available for global distribution via our Media team but must comply with all publishing agreements in the media manual. Please ensure you’ve notified the media manager [email protected] prior to the games if you would like to have access to our images.

Should you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact [email protected]