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FIS ANC Freeski & Snowboard Slopestyle creates World Cup opportunity for Kiwi and Australian Athletes

  • August 30, 2019
  • Cardrona
  • Freeski & Snowboard

The Kiwi or Australian athlete who wins the 2019 FIS Australia New Zealand Cup (ANC) series will win themselves a coveted personal World Cup start for the 2020 season. Due to a change in World Cup start quotas, as a result of a growing number of athletes wanting to compete in the World Cups, FIS has restricted the number of athletes permitted to start at each event to 60 men and 30 women.

The new quota system means that each country with an athlete who meets minimum points for a Basic Nation Quota will have one spot allocated to them. It is at the discretion of a country’s national sporting body which athlete they offer the Basic Nation Quota to. It is possible to earn an additional Nation Quota if you have highly ranked athletes in the discipline and there are leftover spots, which is unlikely, or if you are the host nation of the FIS World Cup.

The only way for an athlete to guarantee they have a start at every FIS World Cup for the 2020 season is to earn a personal quota spot. This spot is earned by an individual athlete and it is theirs and theirs alone. There are a few ways this highly sought-after spot can be earned, the most direct and achievable for our Kiwi athletes is to win the ANC series across Australia and New Zealand within the 2019 season.

Winter Games NZ hosts two of the ANC series events, Freeski & Snowboard Halfpipe along with the Freeski & Snowboard Slopestyle. These events, which traditionally were lower level events, will now be attracting top Australian and New Zealand riders because of the huge incentive of winning your very own World Cup spot. Make sure you come up to Cardrona to watch the ANC Halfpipe on the 26 & 27 of August and the ANC Slopestyle from the 30 August – 1 September.